Homeowner Testimonials

What our homeowners say about us

For over 15 years, Whitstable Seaside has been successfully letting holiday homes in and around Whitstable. With a commitment to providing friendly, professional & dedicated support to every homeowner we work with, we’re proud to have received many referrals over the years and plenty of kind feedback.

Here is a selection of some recent feedback from a few of our homeowners:

Gwyn, Owner - Pilgrims Lookout

I've been coming to Whitstable with my family for over 20 years and we have grown to love it's old fashioned seaside charm. We have fond memories of the children growing up and playing on the beach under cloudless skies followed by spectacular sunsets.

I often wondered if I could afford a place down here and when I turned 55 I realised it might be a possibility and cashed in some of my pension. I settled on Pilgrims Lookout due to it's location really - literally a stone's throw from the beach but just that couple of hundred yards outside town to be a little quieter. The previous occupant put me in touch with Deborah at Whitstable Seaside as soon as I'd had my offer accepted as they'd used her to let out the flat before and were very happy with her service.

I didn't really know anything about being a holiday let landlord but Deborah took me patiently through every stage of the process. She knew someone who specialized in holiday let insurance, she put me in contact with an accountant for tax advice and she recommended a utility company to manage everything under one account. In fact, nearly every query I had would invariably be answered with "would you like me to do that for you?" Having things delivered to a new flat you don't live in could have been a nightmare of organisation but Deborah just said send it to her office! And now we're up and running the bookings have started to come in already after just a few days.

I would definitely recommend Whitstable Seaside to anyone thinking of letting their home or buying a holiday let. Every stage of the process has been carried out with quiet efficiency and with the minimum of fuss. I hope this will be the beginning of many years of fruitful letting business with this company.

Catherine, Owner - Blue Cottage

I've been dealing with the Whitstable Seaside ever since I bought my cottage in 2012. I was impressed by Deborah's professional yet friendly attitude as I was new to holiday letting. Everything is taken care of from booking the guests in to cleaning and laundry work afterwards. Also if anything needs repairing or replacing I'm immediately advised and if I can't arrange to get things done myself then the office will take care of it for me. And last but not least, payments are settled promptly each month. Working with Whitstable Seaside limited is a pleasure.

Leo, Owner

I have rented my home with Whitstable Seaside for some time, and have experienced - month after month, season after season - extraordinary service in every area. My lovely cottage and home is rented, looked after and generally tended to, with great care and attention. I live much of the year in Whitstable and to know that the cottage is in caring hands, that take care and pride in the cottage is deeply reassuring.

When it comes to bookings, Whitstable Seaside provides everything that makes leaving my cottage easy - they facilitate all cleaning and washing so I can get on with packing and organizing my departure. Long established in Whitstable and Seasalter, their contacts and reputation mean that they are frequently the first point of call for holiday makers and weekenders. I am able to check online or speak directly to them about bookings, reserve weekends for myself and make any alteration in the calendar.

Renting your home can be a headache, but Whitstable Seaside have made it a pleasure. They keep me informed of anything that I need to do, making suggestions and 'nurturing' the cottage, so when I return home it is in exactly the condition I left it in. I feel incredibly lucky to have found such a reliable and professional team.

Simon, Owner - Rooftops

I have been using www.whitstableseaside.co.uk for 2 years now and am very happy with the service. Deborah and Vicky are excellent in their roles and cover every aspect of the process seamlessly. The property is regularly rented out the cleaning and management is all taken care of and I am paid promptly and efficiently. They are the best team in the area.

Laurence and Gill , Owners - Oysterman’s Cottage

We have been letting our property ‘Oysterman’s Cottage’ with Whitstable Seaside since December 2017 and have been very pleased with the level of service we have received from Deborah and her team. It was extremely easy to get everything set up and we were fully supported through the process. We have also been impressed by how any problems or issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently with a minimum of fuss. Our property has now had lots of bookings and is always maintained to a high standard. We are happy to recommend Whitstable Seaside to anyone planning to rent their property as a holiday let.