Homeowner FAQs

Homeowner FAQ’s

We understand that choosing the right holiday lettings company can be a challenge. Over the years we’ve been asked all sorts of questions by new homeowners and are always only too happy to provide advice and guidance to help make your holiday home a success.

Here are a selection of common questions we get asked. If you require any additional help please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Q: What does it cost to join Whitstable Seaside?

It costs you absolutely nothing to join Whitstable Seaside and start receiving bookings

Q: Are there any additional costs we need to take into consideration, when letting our property?

Yes, there are a couple of small costs you should be aware of if you are looking to let your holiday home. You will need appropriate holiday home insurance and an up to date gas safety certificate, both of which are very easy to obtain and we will be happy to help.

Q: Who takes the photographs?

You can provide your own photos if you wish, but we do recommend using a professional photographer who will capture the very best shots of your holiday home which we know, through experience, increases the likelihood of your holiday home being booked more frequently. We have an excellent local photographer, who is affordable, which we can arrange on your behalf if you require.

Q: Who creates the property advertisement?

We take care of everything including writing and creating your property advert, but if you have a flare for writing then any extra input on the description would be more than welcome.

Q: How do you market our property?

We work hard to ensure our website, and in turn your holiday home, is found on search engines (e.g. Google) exactly when holidaymakers are looking for holiday homes to rent in Whitstable, which is why our web visitors are more than sufficient to ensure your property is booked consistently. For this reason alone, our stock of holiday homes are regularly fully booked and we are constantly looking for new properties to manage to satisfy the continued rental enquiries we receive.

In addition to our own website, we also ensure your property is marketed on other holiday home websites, such as ‘AirBnB’, which we manage for you and have an incredibly high repeat customer base who book year after year.

Q: How do we use our holiday home when we want it?

Its simple! You will be provided a log in to our website where you can access the full bookings calendar of your property and book in the dates you wish to use the property. This will ensure no holidaymakers can book those particular dates.

Additionally, you can also access your accounts to see what money is due to be paid to you and when.

Q: How and when will we, the homeowner, be paid?

Your accounts are finalised and settled by the first Friday in every month. You will receive all the rental money taken in that month minus our 15% commission, and any cleaning or maintenance bills owed for those properties managed by us.